Safety Pack by ASPCA

The ASPCA is offering a free Pet Safety Pack. This pack is designed to help keep your pets safe in the event of an emergency. The pack includes window and door stickers that can alert rescue personnel to the presence of pets in your home. This can be crucial in ensuring your pets are not overlooked during a rescue operation.

Also included in the pack is an ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) magnet. This magnet provides the APCC’s contact information, which can be invaluable if your pet ingests something harmful. Having this information readily available can save precious time in an emergency situation.

Obtaining this free Pet Safety Pack is straightforward. Simply sign up on the offer page. After signing up, you should receive your pack in about a week’s time. This offer is available to everyone, making it a great opportunity for pet owners to take an extra step in ensuring their pet’s safety.

Remember, the safety of our pets is our responsibility. This free Pet Safety Pack from the ASPCA is a simple yet effective tool that can help keep our furry friends safe. Don’t miss out on this offer. Sign up today and give yourself some peace of mind knowing you’re prepared for an emergency situation.

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