My Bath & Body Works Rewards

Bath & Body Works offers a rewarding program known as ‘My Bath & Body Works Rewards’. This program brings a plethora of benefits, perks, and exclusives to its members. The rewards program is designed to provide special offers to its members at the discretion of Bath & Body Works. These offers are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Offer Details. Members are advised to check these terms and conditions carefully as they may contain important conditions or limitations such as blackout periods or exclusions.

Offers provided as part of the My Bath & Body Works Rewards Program are single-use only, unless otherwise stated. The company reserves the right to alter or end the Program, including Program benefits and related promotions or special offers. The Program may be altered or ended based on various factors such as purchase activity, volume and type of purchase, geographic location, Program participation, or other information provided by the Member.

Members of the program can expect to see rewards in their wallet within 72 hours of joining. The rewards include a $10 discount on any $30 purchase. The rewards are valid for 90 days from the date they are issued. Expired Rewards will not be replaced. Rewards are single-use only. They may be combined with a maximum of one other available promotional offer, code or coupon. Up to eight Rewards may be applied per transaction.

Products eligible for reward redemption must each have a regular retail unit price equal to or under $16.50. Each Reward may be redeemed for only one item and will be applied to the most expensive eligible product in the transaction. Members must identify themselves at the time of transaction to redeem. Online, Members must be signed into their account. In Store, Members must display their redemption code from the Wallet section of the App or your online account at participating U.S. Bath & Body Works stores at the time of purchase.

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