Free 4-pack of Healthy Cat Treats

I and Love and You has teamed up with Social Nature for a wonderful new offer!

  • Open to USA residents
  • Limit to one per household
  • While supplies last

Rip open a Treat Meow to coax your quirky feline out of hiding, teach ‘em a new trick, or shake up their daily fare. Who knew a tasty treat could build such an unshakeable bond between you and your cat? (Oh wait, I and Love and You did.) These lickable, pureed treats can be served directly from the pouch or squeezed on top of your cat’s dinner. *Chef’s kiss*

Their Treat Meow Digestion Support is packed with nutrients! It’s made with tasty cage-free chicken and supports healthy digestion through high fiber ingredients like pumpkin and prebiotics. So if your cat struggles with #2s, the pumpkin reduces excess moisture in their digestive tract to help with litter box… inconsistencies.

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