Butterfly Hero Resource Kit

The Butterfly Heroes Resource Kit is a valuable tool for anyone interested in learning about and contributing to the conservation of pollinators. This educational kit is designed to teach both children and adults about the importance of pollinators in our ecosystem. It includes a variety of engaging and informative activities such as planting and growing milkweed, creating butterfly gardens, and learning about the life cycle of butterflies.

One of the main focuses of the Butterfly Heroes Resource Kit is the monarch butterfly. This species has been experiencing a decline in population due to habitat loss and pesticide use. The kit aims to inspire individuals and communities to help protect and conserve these vital species by educating them about the importance of pollinators and providing them with the tools to take action.

Over the last 5 years, more than 250,000 friends of wildlife have taken the pledge to restore butterfly populations, like the monarch, by planting the plants they need to survive and thrive. You can join this movement and take the National Wildlife Federation’s Butterfly Heroes pledge to garden at home this year! By taking this pledge, you will receive resources to garden while helping butterflies.

The National Wildlife Federation needs you to be a hero! Take the Butterfly Heroes pledge to help butterflies while you are at home. Help conserve the Monarch Butterfly.

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