Natural Calm Magnesium Drink

Natural Calm is a unique magnesium drink that offers a multitude of health benefits. It’s a proprietary magnesium citrate formula that is fast-acting, designed to relieve stress, improve sleep, reduce pain, promote heart health, and more. The health benefits of magnesium are clinically proven, but most Canadians don’t get enough through diet. A serving of 2 teaspoons (5 grams) provides 100% of the daily requirement of magnesium for most men and women.

You can enjoy Natural Calm as a delicious hot tea, add it to cold drinks, and enjoy it any time of day or evening! The product comes in two flavors: Lemon Raspberry and Calm Sleep (Mixed Berry). The Lemon Raspberry flavor contains Magnesium Carbonate as a medicinal ingredient and Citric Acid, Organic Natural Raspberry and Lemon Flavours, Organic Stevia as non-medicinal ingredients. The Calm Sleep – Mixed Berry flavor contains Natural Calm magnesium citrate (150 mg), GABA (100 mg), Suntheanine® (50 mg), Magnesium glycinate (70 mg), Melatonin (5 mg) as medicinal ingredients and Organic Wildberry Flavour & Stevia as non-medicinal ingredients.

Users have reported positive experiences with the product, noting its great taste and effectiveness in promoting relaxation and sleep. Some users have also reported relief from constipation and improved digestion. The product is vegan, vegetarian, and non-GMO, making it a healthy and natural choice for those looking to supplement their diet with magnesium.

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