Euthabag Pet Body Bag / Housse mortuaire pour animaux Sample

The Euthabag Pet Body Bag is a product designed for veterinary practices. It is a bag used for the respectful and dignified handling of deceased pets. The bag is available in sizes S or XS and is shipped at no cost to veterinary practices in North America. The average cost of the Euthabag is $8, but it can be used at no cost to the practice by adding $10 to the cost of euthanasia. This allows the practice to provide a respectful service to their clients without incurring any additional costs.

For international requests, the Euthabag can be ordered from the order page on the Euthabag website. The website also provides a brochure with more information about the Euthabag. The brochure is available in both English and French.

To receive a free sample of the Euthabag, veterinary practices must provide complete and verifiable information about their business. The sample will not be shipped to residential addresses without additional explanation. If the information provided cannot be verified, no sample will be shipped. The website assures that under no circumstances will any of the provided information be disclosed to another party.

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